I wrote this a while ago (7 years…?); how is it so appropo today?

Sometimes, I need to write a new poem. On days when I’ve cried, contemplated, or just gotten so tired of myself: this is prime time for poetry-writing (albeit, tears on the keyboard; not quite the same effect as tear-streaked ink on parchment!). However, in recent years especially, I’ve remembered a similar, even better poem lies in a blue folder, waiting to be posted.


I started missing my dancing days
real bad watching
slick chicks slither and grind
perfect bodies against
bright oiled sun
lathered boys waiting by the phone
lips parted impatient hello
and how about those times
when they all came running? Couldn’t
stop them from striding
up to my back wrap strong arms
around my skin
my long hair pressed tightly to chest
saying oh yes, I’ll be there
see you then for sure
and maybe just maybe
one would be real
stay longer than a day
a week a year
or nine
and I started to cry
that it all used to be
so easy, so fine

I wanted to scream:
oh, no! oh, no! oh, no no no! I’m not the one

who can make it happen now
I’m on a slow ride
nowhere to go no friend to disgrace
when the man she wanted
ran to my hallowed place

how I started to dream
of one who could love me
in times like these not so easy
not so fine falling up getting down

in times like these can’t quite seem
to slither or grind
except in the corners of my mind
with a slow come-hither
smile to my Beloved

(c) 2013 Lady Diane Randall


Reposting Comment from Talking Violin’s Post: “Celebrities: ‘That ain’t gonna happen!”

I highly recommend Talking Violin. It’s hard to describe the appeal but his voice (all of his posts, I believe, are verbal with accompanying photos) is definitely in the realm of “storyteller.” Sometimes, I’m not sure if he’s joking or reporting seriously. In either case, I enjoy his blog thoroughly!

The following is reposted from my comment to Talking Violin about his audio post concerning a Brazilian law that does not allow “unauthorized biographies” of celebrities. (Disclaimer: Includes additional material since I felt it inappropriate to crowd his whole “Comments” section with my super-sized verbosity.)

“I’ve listened to several of your posts this morning. You make everything sound intriguing… This story is definitely unusual to U.S. mores (or lack thereof) but there are other countries I know of where “tell-all” books are not allowed, whether legally or culturally. When you think about it, we are all telling our own little stories about ourselves, leaving some items out either for later disclosure or keeping them hidden forever. We tell ourselves the stories, too, then one day, “poof!” just like celebrities, it comes out.

“For me, the funny part (cosmic joke!) is that my writing is very revealing; I can’t hold back. Poetry may give me an edge by use of metaphor or allegory, but… no one is fooled. However, since I love writing so much, and I love sharing my writing (including a manuscript about to be dusted off and revised), I just “pretend” to myself that it’s all normal, that no one will really say anything anyway. Something to think about when sharing with family, friends, strangers… still, the writing dictates to me, and I cannot turn away from the page. It’s a bit disconcerting when contemplating a new relationship (as I am currently doing): How to introduce my strangeness, my foibles, mood swings, epiphanies? Guess I’ll just tell him (if we get that far) to read my blog!

“Of course, so far, celebrity has not been an issue for me! But I do feel a sense of empathy. Just because a person has a moment – a day – a year – of irrationality, that doesn’t mean he/she IS that story, either. We are not our stories. We are divine beings having interesting, amazing, intriguing experiences with bodies, emotions, pain, love, opinions – all of it. And our “personalities,” just like our bodies, our life circumstances, our loves – change, evolving constantly. People cling to identities and project the future based on that identity, as if they are exempt from change, age, or dis-ease (or recovery from dis-ease); from unhealthy lifestyle to athlete, or the reverse!

“Here is one very small example of unexpected change: My eye color has changed from blue to hazel-green. I could purchase colored lenses. But I won’t! Would you?”

Well… would you?