Happy Halloween! Happy Samhain!

I have always loved this ancient holy-day, this day of remembering our connection with all four elements of earth, our heartbeat that resonates with the heartbeat of the earth. It is also a sacred day of opening our spirit to connect with the 5th dimension of ethereal beings, ancestors, guardians, guides, and celestial entities. Finally, it is a time of going within, the new year – the summer days are behind us, the long dark winter is coming. Time to tend the homefires of the heart.

Also – it’s a time of fun! It’s a time to express alternate parts of ourselves, to tell the ancient stories, to share with friends and family (or soul families). Thus, I’ve changed my picture to myself as “Lady Diane” – well, of course!

In honor of what I consider to be a sacred and special day, herewith a poem inspired by a dream a friend of mine had. Interestingly, I wrote in a sort of Edgar Allen Poe style, and the subject fits quite nicely with Poe’s works as well. And Poe was dark, but his spirit flew like a comet – lighting up the sky with his words for eternity!


The night wind banged the shutters,
woke him cold from his tender sleep
and, uneasy from the chill, he stumbled
unaware down the shadowed hall.

Just before he touched the lamp,
he heard a tiny scraping sound
and – perhaps – the flutter of wings.
The darker reality, yet to be revealed

and then, oh saving light! that flowed
throughout the familiar room.
He rubbed his eyes and the sight
that overwhelmed was that of sacred ravens,

hundreds of them! in glass and metal boxes,
watching as he moved about
and of an unknown force began
to lift the bars, and let the caged birds out.

Confusion filled his dreaming; speechless,
he fell while the winged creatures
swarmed and deafening silence pounded
in his ears, his heart, his blood.

Hours later, it was daylight – he rose
taller, stronger, from the floor.
His eyes took to the window and carried
him through a vision from which he returned

many lifetimes later:

no more mere ordinary man,
but Sorcerer, Keeper of Ravens.

(c) 2005-2013 Lady Diane Randall


Viva La Muerte – The Poet Returns!

This poem is inspired by the movie, “The Matador’s Mistress.”

Viva La Muerte

Will you love me today
Forever? Will you love me
More than life?
I see the shadows in your eyes when we make love
I feel the darkness of death so close to your breath
And I wonder, who will I be when
You are you no more? 
Will I be your mistress 
When you are more than wine and bread
More than the blood-stained sword of death?

When you look up from our bed
What do you see? It is not a ceiling
Or a sky; not a heaven bound with angels
It is the darkness, La Grande Muerte,
Filled with the craving of the gods 
For you
Their stars live for you my beloved
They wait for you, for the tears in your eyes
To take you to the place where all is night
Where all is peace
And your dream of release arrives…

When I eat of your bread
And drink of your wine – Will you 
Love me more than that? 



(c) Lady Diane Randall 2011-2013