Ancestral Prayers

I’ve been sitting with this “child,” this poem, for several days now. I’ll tell you why: because I am going through deep regeneration and all its phases, both with a professional (yet spiritual) guide and on my own. I am cleaning house, and it’s turned out to be more of a neighborhood or a city or a whole universe within. I’ve been “working” on inner shadows for many, many years. But recently, several factors seem to be in league with my soul to hasten the release of all that no longer serves me, and the corresponding freedom, awareness, and new ways of BEing that this release provides. One, the Age of Aquarius and its correlating technological advances that connect us all on a global level with an attitude of oneness and equality; two, recent developments  and support of amazing astrological events happening at “warp” speed; and three (for now), epigenetics, which is the synthesis of science and spirituality. Epigenetics is a powerful word for that which has been known by deeply spiritual beings for millennia, but is now being proved by scientists and its healing work being developed for all of humanity.

My poetry reflects many aspects of my life, my thoughts, and my inner being. Ancestral Prayers is one that moves me; it is my form of religion, I suppose, to write poems such as these. As with all religions (including the label of “spirituality,” that is so diverse), answers are not always forthcoming, or even expected. Just to pray, just to be a poet and say what is in my heart or my soul, IS the expected result, if any exists.

Of course, I am talking about healing and yes, all of our prayers, tears, praise, songs, meditations, and creative soulwork: these are all healing vibrations stronger than any one moment of doubt or skepticism; stronger than any fear-based thought or even millions of them.

It is my hope or rather, my belief that I am being guided to share these words, for that’s what a poet does. It’s not always pretty, but I follow my intuition that says it will help others on their healing journeys as well. May you be blessed by the following:


Ancestral Prayers


I had to smudge today –
candles and sage and smoke flowing
over me inside my dreaming vision
of ancestors’ mysteries
of children lost and found
of children lost and never found

the path of ancient memories
clears within the smoke and light; I feel
the dust and scattered bones
beneath my knees bent
in grief and despair
ravens filling the air

with cries beware! beware!
of not understanding
what the gods themselves
do not understand

my thoughts pour
like rain that won’t stop
drowning out the messengers
turning dust into mud
losing prayers
like souls in the flood

I need to do something
I need to save someone
save someone
save someone

I need to save the children
like raven
who get abused and confused
whose home is a raft of bones
set adrift
from an indiscriminate shore

the parent I used to be is crying
the parent I always wanted to be
is crying
and why no one else is crying
frightens the child in me
even more…

blessed be dear raven
and all the others not yet found
who have no idea
that there is anything or anyone
beyond their world of having been

Oh, God, forgive me
for thinking
that I need to be forgiven.


(C) 2013 Lady Diane Randall

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