What is Creativity? (My response to a question from Talent Flush)

I’m following Talent Flush now, a WP group that shares art of all kinds through all their pages and sites, if one so desires – which I do! I’m finding my creative spark becoming, once again, a flame of desire, yearning, passion… and it is infinitely more satisfying than any fleeting moments of relief or distraction I have ever encountered. I know that now more than ever. Creativity is in all of us; when it is repressed, whether by internal or external forces, life becomes dull, conversations inane, fears and hatred reign. That is why we desire it so strongly, those of us who do. It can be our religion, if you will; our salvation, our resurrection from merely surviving to enjoying our own lives to their fullest. 

With that in mind, I present my response to Talent Flush’s question: “What is Creativity?”


Creativity is our birthright. It is the aspect of the Creator that we are birthed from, that is alive in all sentient beings. However, it is we human beings (“…spiritual beings having a human experience,” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin), who carry the same purpose – indeed, the same yearning – to create worlds from our imaginations. Everything is creation: from inception, through incubation and nurturing, to life, and then to decay and, ultimately, resurrection in another form. Creativity provides us with the ability to create that which can never decay: language, thoughts, pictures, colors, memories, emotions… and so much more. The forms (substance) may decay, but these creations live forever. Just as God does, just as We do.

There are those of us who are fortunate enough to be born with the energy of creativity more potent, more alive, within our hearts; it is we who “re-member” this at some point in our lives, whether early or late. We are the ones for whom creativity is as important as breathing. Somewhere in our psyches we recognize our inner Beloved, which is our creative partner, our spark. Everyone is born as this created being, but most of the world is so caught up in fear, noise, and need for distraction, that creativity is unrecognized within; unexpressed without.

It is those of us who express our creativity who uplift, encourage, incite, inspire, and yes, heal; who hold up the mirror of Life and ask, “What do YOU see?” That is creativity at its Highest Purpose. We “spiritual beings” have a great desire to connect on a soul and heart level with the entire Universe. Our ultimate purpose, whether on a grand scale or in a personal moment, is to toss the pebble into the pond and, through its ever-widening ripples, remind others how beautiful Life, in all its forms, truly Is.

(c) 2013 Lady Diane Randall

3 thoughts on “What is Creativity? (My response to a question from Talent Flush)

  1. Love this post – excellent post. Re your last line: especially so. I appreciate the reminder because my boss and her passive aggressive is really getting to me these days. How to deal with – when I am a creative being stuck in an office, wishing upon creative work, and she’s anal and rude and loudly unfair to me, causing others to say “Don’t know how you stand it”.

    How to see the beauty of life…. Having come back from Thailand I am trying, trying in this cold western state to see the beauty.

    • Thank you for the love and for sharing your story. “How to see the beauty of life…” Asking that question is a powerful impetus to freedom. Although we may not always see it, to know It is there can be enough to shift the tide within and live authentically, as “creative beings.” I wish you well on your path; mine has not been easy, either. And the way out is not easy. A tip from my therapist: When in stress or being attacked, get away (even to the bathroom) as soon as possible, put your hand on your heart, and love your heart (like a baby!). Breathe consciously while doing so. One more thought: My daughter is in Japan and that is where she is finding her creative, beautiful self, where she is healing self-esteem and confidence issues and so much more. So, I understand your comment about Thailand. Again, knowing “It” is there – means It is here, inside your heart and soul. Blessed be!

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