Have I Mentioned I Have MS Yet? A few words (or more…)

Hello, readers! No poem to go with this one today. While browsing (not perusing – I learned that word means to study, to go over all the details of the object being perused – I always thought it meant a little more than skimming, that’s all!). So, while browsing “New Health Paradigms” WP blog by “Robert,” I wrote a reply and thought I’d repost it, and preface that with a few of my thoughts on Multiple Sclerosis and health of all kinds in general.

It may be of interest to some that today, I discontinued my subscriptions to the major online and print publications from MS organizations. Why? They do offer a lot of information, a lot of support, and I do not deny that many people love being part of support groups both online and in person. However, so many times when I read these publications, my fears are triggered as they explain the dis-ease and what “could” happen to me physically. I do keep up with doctors but have no specific need to learn all there is to know about ms. Some people do, and also people donate to these organizations so that amazing research can be done. My own family donated quite a bit when my daughter and I participated in a “MS Walk” fundraising event.

I do not focus on myself as “an MS patient,” although it is because of ms (I prefer the smaller letters) that many of my preconceptions of what my life should be – or may become – changed drastically. It is, I’m sure, the path to true freedom and self-awareness, or my path I should say. When we can accept “what is” (think Byron Katie & Eckhart Tolle’s teachings), many other options open for us. I was so very busy as an adult, sometimes in unhealthy ways, often in what people would see as healthy ways. But busy is busy, pressure and stress build when we don’t slow down and take quiet time every single day. I did meditate before and was heavily involved in spiritual goings-on; but as I mention below, without de-constructing the stress patterns that were deeply embedded in my psyche, I was on the roller coaster ride that leads to hell, over and over again. Highs and lows, like drugs. Addicted to distractions and relationships (oh, those can be completely distracting from knowing oneself!).

So, I am living a much more serene lifestyle, I am doing what I love (writing!), and I am much more open to allowing the messages that come to me to shift my vibration in a much more substantial, long-term way. In this regard, my life is better than it ever was. Not everyone would agree if they saw me! There are many things I can no longer “do,” or do as often or as well, but then again, there are many things I no longer “have to” do! And “taking care of myself” is my number one job.

Will I be healed or cured someday? Perhaps. There are holistic/scientific (these are becoming one, as are spirituality & science) discoveries every day that give us hope that any dis-ease can be eliminated from the beautiful cells of our bodies. In the meantime, learning to know my body, to manage triggers such as stress, using adaptive equipment and letting myself rest physically and mentally, receiving disability income and living in an apartment built for people like me – all of these factors contribute to my well- being, as well as those I mention below.

Thanks for reading (listening! because we do “read aloud” in our heads, don’t we?), and I hope that some others with Multiple Sclerosis, or any other dis-ease, will find some resonance in what I write. I do use some medications to manage my symptoms, and I do eat as my body asks me to… which is quite different from a lot of holistic or allopathic advice I receive. I cannot do raw foods, fasting, vegetarianism, or high-fiber. Perhaps someday I will be able to, but accepting and  loving my body as it is, is much more important to me than trying to push something – even something natural – on myself that I’m not ready for.

Dear Robert, Thank you for liking my post/poem Stars Making Love. If you read my “About Me” you’ll find I have ms which I have called “multiple stress.” I believe that’s where it comes from more than anything; certainly living stress-free is a major factor in NOT progressing (mine is called Primary Progressive MS). But it’s un-doing, de-constructing the stress patterns that are key. I have studied, meditated, and continue to grow and to KNOW that it is possible for me to heal from this and every thought pattern that is not in harmony with the Universe. I have a wonderful spiritual therapist and amazing old-school brilliant doctors (retired volunteers) who help me manage my health but don’t push medications on me. I do take some meds for symptom management; perhaps one day I won’t. No, there are no medicines for PPMS; there are several for the other kinds, but some doctors would be very willing to “try” out some meds on me, research trials and tests which would only worsen my symptoms.
Anyway, thanks to you and the many voices of intelligent, caring beings on this planet who are sharing who they are, to bring harmony to the spiritual/emotional/mental and physical health of all beings.
PS to those who ask about “grounding” – it doesn’t have to be the beach, it can be hugging a tree or walking barefoot on leaves; even applying essential oils to the soles of the feet. Sage-smudging. Focusing on breathing in and out of the crown and root (feet) chakras. Meditating that you are at the beach, etc. Patting a dog or cat for a few deeply-present moments. I’ve had to come up with alternatives! And they work… it’s the intention and vibration that does it. Namaste’

Blessed be to All. Thank you, Universe, for providing me with all that I need to thrive, and to be myself always. Amen, and so It Is!

With great love and appreciation,

Lady Diane Randall

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