Another Mother’s Day Poem-Holy Mother

This is the poem I was thinking of posting for Mother’s Day but could not find in my folder… well, the faeries, pixies, and such LOVE to have fun with me, especially if at the end, I am reminded to be humble. Herewith a poem with similar feeling to the blog and poem I posted earlier… but then again, deeper, stronger… This poem actually comes from an image I could “see” in a Persian rug I had for several years. I loved having this rug by my bed, for nighttime and waking reminders of Her presence:

Holy Mother

Oh, holy Mother…
strong and strange to my seeing,
my hearing, my loving, my being

strong and strange
to the fears that hide behind my heart
who claim I am bound to their illusions
with chains I bought, blind and unaware

Oh, holy Mother
hold me in your strange and perfect gaze
speak to me of loving, of being
in your heart’s dreambeat I feel within

hold me, holy Mother
hold me even when I flinch
try to push away… hold me

hold me, holy Mother
hold me and the children
who struggle within me
whose cries and pain I’ve called my own

hold us all, holy Mother
hold us strong and firm as you pour Truth
into our eyes, our hearts, outworn memories;
and do not let us go

until we release fears guilt pain
until we cry the tears of all we have lost
into the soil that you till and swirl
for the new seeds we will sow

until we melt into your flowering love
reborn in you, as you, holy Mother
as mother, daughter, sister to all…
as the Infinite Love That Is


Lady Diane Randall

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