Happy Mother’s Day…

I am so blessed! To be a mother to a beautiful being of light, my daughter, Rebecca. We are so very close in spirit and heart – but 7,000 miles distance apart! I’m so happy for her emotional growth and life-blossoming that I cannot “miss” her very often. Distance and time are illusions anyway, especially easy to deal with in this 21st-century time of technology so we speak or chat quite often. I am also very blessed to have the title of “Mom” to my son, Tim; although we rarely connect on the physical level, he is in my heart always and somehow, amidst perhaps conflicting emotions, I am in his.

At any rate, we all have had a mother or mothering influence in our lives, and the true treasure lies in my belief in the “Great Mother,” Gaia, Mother Earth, She of Many Names but the truth is, She Is. She is the true beauty, nurturing, and strength that we all crave and need. Whether or not we receive(d) it from our “birth” mothers, we have Her, and She is in the birth mothers, She is in our hearts and souls, guiding, loving, reminding us to be who we truly are, reminding us how perfect we are. Call Her “unconditional love” for that is what She Is. She will not lie to us; she speaks to us in our dreams, in the clouds, in a song, and even in the memories of our childhood. Call upon Her whenever you feel the need for that healing touch, that warm embrace… or the need to understand and love the mother you are, or the mother you have; indeed, the universal aspect of mothers everywhere.

The following poem came from a healing dream I was blessed to receive:

Blue Stone Prayers

They covered us in blue stones
my daughters and I, blue
of the deepest tears
the sky could ever cry

they sang to us the prayers and songs
we’d sung so many lifetimes ago

then dropped the stones, so deep, so blue
into the swirling ocean,
cresting and falling
against rock, shore, and sky

like prayers
like songs we’d sung so long ago
of healing from tormented days
and nights of ambiguous fears

we sang our prayers and songs
with these women, these faces of the Great Mother,

and became the deepest ocean
until our dreams were troubled no more

we forgave ourselves and those
we’d forgotten

and our hearts were troubled no more

Lady Diane Randall

2 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day…

  1. Hi, I have just found your blog and started reading some of your poems. This one was beautiful and I loved the imagery. I look forward to reading more.

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