Forgiveness Redux

This is a copy of a response I made to a fellow blogger. I feel very inspired by her story, by the response I wrote, and I believe – I know – that there is something in these words for me, more than just hey, look at me, what a great teacher I am. In fact, this morning, I was questioning myself – doubting my faith I suppose. I had done a spiritual tarot reading for a woman who’d just come out of a three-month rehab program, and the cards were so strong, so good… except for two, which I downplayed (the excitement of the powerful forces of the other cards,  and her excitement in feeling so much better). I now remember I did try to add some advice to her about staying strong when things feel tough, they will pass, etc. Anyway, today, she’s back in rehab. Or at least I assume that… but now that I think of it, she had mentioned she was going somewhere for a month, so perhaps this was all planned. All I know is, I came outside and there were her mother, boyfriend, and suitcases, and my neighbor, rushing to go. Perhaps I will find out that the reading was accurate and all will be well.

Back to my original point, the blogger’s story (from transcendingborders) of forgiveness prompted several responses and mine, and I believe sharing my response will spread the power of healing and of forgiveness in many more ways than I, or anyone, could possibly know. Herewith:

“Forgiveness heals the self and has the added potential to send healing vibrations to the other, who does not know that they, like you, like all of us, are a divine being. When we know that, we can release our unhappiness and learn to not take things personally (another benefit, or meaning, of forgiveness). Easier said than done but each time we do it, it does get easier. Each time we focus on what is positive within ourselves and align ourselves with other positive people and ideas, we get stronger and more able to forgive.

“Things like this happen to all of us, but I also believe that often, someone who is a shining light of love is a very tempting target for someone who wants to hide in the shadows of jealousy, hatred, etc. They come from fear of the light, from fear of being responsible for their words, fear of having to give up their identities as “tough” or “smarter” or whatever. In truth, they are jealous, fearful, and inside feel very, very alone. Forgiveness helps us to “let go and let God” handle getting into the heart of any such beings.

“However, forgiveness doesn’t mean to condone bad actions; in fact, it gives us greater clarity in choosing how to deal with those actions and people. It takes great courage to forgive, to release toxic relationships and feelings, and it heals our OWN inner self-judgements; it strengthens us. Thank you dearest, for your sharing your courage and your heart. Those you uplift far outweigh any naysayers; that’s the true beauty of love and forgiveness. Blessed be!”

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