Stars Making Love

Hello, Lady Diane here! A new poem fresh off the keyboard… another one with a disclaimer. (Should I really do that? Isn’t that like “explaining myself,” which I am SO done with?) I’ll keep it short (promise!): the words come out, I must have felt that way sometime, so I’m keeping it “as is”, not trying to fix every poem. I do know that men are experiencing spiritual evolution/realization just as much as women are. Okay, MAYBE I’ll change it someday. But it’s got alliteration, you gotta love that… Anyway, hope you like it! Blessed Be…

Stars Making Love

I’ve made many a man cry before.

imagine a sky so vast you can see the curve
of the earth

her heart melting
her love making

continents move and break and heal

I move I melt
I love I heal

I’ve made many a man cry before

imagine stars
making love

men would cry to get a glimpse of that

but they still wouldn’t
get it.

Lady Diane Randall

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