The Mystical Deep

In keeping with National Poetry Writing Month, I present another to those so kind enough
to read and enjoy. This poem has no particular story behind it; I just asked for words and a few start to come, then off I go! I joined WordPress to get my huge folder of poems out to “the masses” – or “the few”, that’s okay, too! – and now here I am, writing a new poem each day. I don’t know if we’re expected to post each one; WordPress feels like a community of very supportive people who don’t make a lot of rules –  which works really well for crazy mystic poets! It’s a lot of work for me that I love with everything I Am. Having  multiple sclerosis, dealing with low physical energy is both challenging and a blessing. That’s why I’m focusing on my writing now, and also why I may not write a new poem or post every day (in April). I must say, though, THANK YOU! I haven’t written this much in a long time. I used to write quite often, every week or two at least one poem. So, whoo! Thanks for this wonderful opportunity and blessed be, everyone!

PS My head (ego) wants to remind you that since these are new poems, they are still considered by me to be “in progress.” So please be kind as you read, they may not be great – or complete – but I’m learning to let go of that, too!


The Mystical Deep

I fell over the riverbank today
it wasn’t
that much of a fall
more like a daydream stumble
over branches, rocks and twigs

and then

I was in

in to the point of barely keeping
my head above the water line
the lapping waves
that were oh, so glad
to welcome me

so, so glad
jumping up and over me
no thought, as rivers do not
think, of what may or may not
become of my ability

to breathe
to be, in this lifetime,
more than what I am today
more, and so much more than that,
but in that fall, all plans dispersed

into water that, just moments ago,
I was sure I’d heard enchanting sighs
and fell in love
just looking, just being
one with the river, the ride of Life

So I stopped.

I stopped my flailing
and fear of the deep
I stopped pretending I didn’t know
that I never needed to do more, be more
than what I am, right here, right now

and floating on, I fell asleep
it was sunset or dawn or perhaps in-between
but no matter; I was at peace
and dreamed of devas and mysteries
and never did I want to leave

no, never, please! It was bliss, it was ease
until a branch thrust out (by the devas, no doubt)
I heard their rustlings in the leaves
and awakened by the leeward side
surprised, and happy to be alive

I’m reborn, again! in the mystical deep
and I can come back anytime
just leave my fears behind and know
I need no plans to be anything more
than Life and ease and peace.

Lady Diane Randall

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