Opening the Envelope

Hi All you beautiful people! ❤

I belong to a a few Facebook groups, one is called #OpHumanAngels. The group’s mission: random, sometimes coordinated acts of kindness, hugs, love letters, etc. to strangers.

On Feb. 2, 2013, OpHumanAngels had a big event to spread this love all over the world. One person put a note in a train car; “For You” was written on the envelope.

One group member mentioned that she would not feel bold enough to open that envelope, were she a stranger on that train. This is what I wrote in response:

“People all over need to learn to trust that the Universe is sending us messages of love and abundance in all areas of our existence. My curiosity would definitely want to see what’s inside, and I’m always looking to say “yes!” to the Universe. Trust that we will not be hurt or harmed in anyway, as in walking up to a homeless person to give a hug or a sandwich… things like this. I did just buy a whistle for when I bring my dog out at night but I don’t feel I really need it… we could be careful about every thing and yet, if something is drawn to our vibration because we need it, we will experience it.. even if it seems “bad”. Once a group I was in predicted an earthquake and wondered what to do. I said that if I’m meant to experience my own “personal earthquake” i.e., life-changing moment accompanied by great discomfort, then I will. If not, then I won’t be one of the sufferers. On the other hand, perhaps it will be (a totally different event) accompanied by tears of joy and relief! And… (as it turned out) there was no earthquake at all…

“In closing, it’s fun to bust out in front of people, it inspires them to do the same. Open the envelope, do a happy dance, it’s all Good! xoxo”

Stop worrying about what others think, because you’re only projecting your own fears onto them. And if someone thinks you’re crazy, naive, or anything, just say, “Well, I Am!” And they might respond in kind, and laugh, or they might just walk away, but that’s okay… Spread seeds of light and love, in big or  small ways, even with your thoughts… Well, especially with your thoughts. We’re so, so conditioned to needing approval that we worry about “them” – and there is no “them,” there’s just the One. Let yourself have fun, and maybe other people will want to have fun, too!

Let yourself tell someone you love them, or want to hug them, and “Fear Not!” For we are never, never alone.

‘Til next time, Blessed Be!